FAU HUB for the Life Sciences

FAU HUB for the Life Sciences

Jupiter, Florida

Certificate of Merit for Thesis Studio Project. FAU Architecture ’19.


The design for the new FAU HUB for the Life Sciences relies on 3 main ideas:

-Strengthening the connection between FAU, Scripps, and Max Planck

-Strengthening the connection between the new building and the campus circulation

-Strengthening the connection with the native natural landscape

After an initial program analysis it was determined that the strategic compartmentalization and placement of the areas would have played a major role in the success of the new research building as a catalyst for human interaction within the FAU Jupiter campus. The site selected is a piece of land that stretches from the existing FAU research facilities and terminates in a forest like environment towards the south. The program was subdivided into 3 main categories and placed depending on the level of privacy required: research, above everything else, classrooms/offices, in between and connected through an elevated bridge, and amenities on the ground level. The building mass was further broken up into smaller volumes to allow natural light, wind, views, and gardens to permeate through. Most of the circulation is exterior and covered by either an overhang or the elevated program volumes to take advantage of the beautiful south Florida climate.

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