L.A. Adaptable Housing

L.A. Adaptable Housing

Los Angeles, California




“L.A. Adaptable Housing” proposes a 4 to 8 unit adaptable solution that can be implemented on any typical lot measuring  50’ x 150’ throughout Los Angeles. 
Following the listening sessions and analysis of the Brief, it was determined that the project should be based on the following principles: 
-Ensuring that users are provided with a fully independent and functional unit with access to private outdoor space, light, and air.
-Providing the possibility to give back to the community by customizing the street front area. This document provides four examples of activation: Pocket Park, Solar Wall & EV Chargers, Tienda, and Art Park.
-Providing the possibility to customize the unit mix, ranging from a potential 8 unit assembly of Studios and 1 Bedroom units, to a fourplex consisting of Two or Three Bedroom units using the same site plan base. 
The version presented below is a Six-unit building which includes 2x Studios (560 SF each) , 2x One Bedroom Units (720 SF each), 1x Two Bedroom Unit (1,020 SF), and 1x Three Bedroom Unit (1,360 SF). 
Two of these units can be deemed affordable housing to the discretion of the owner/developer. 
The total interior area of the units is 4,940 SF and the exterior private areas amount to 2,120 SF.
Site Geometry
This document presents a typical Los Angeles lot on flat land measuring 50’ x 150’ with rear alley access. The setbacks provided are as follows: 22’-0“ Front, 7’ -0” + 3’-0“ Sides, 20‘-0” Rear. 
The buildable area obtained was then subdivided and resulted in the establishment of a typical modular unit measuring 13’-0“ Wide x 13’-0” Deep x 12’-0“ High.  The overall building height is 25’-0” from grade.
Front Street Activation
This project proposes four options to enhance the street side of the property with the addition of the following private/public amenities:
-Pocket Park: a lush landscaped area featuring a green wall, native vegetation, and sitting benches
-Solar Wall & EV Chargers: To incentivize the use of electric vehicles and set an example for upcoming patterns of development, the Solar Wall is a statement to the future of private mobility in Los Angeles. The parking spaces can either be reserved for  the tenants of the building or be open to the public and used by the owner/developer as an additional income source.
-Tienda: a small supermarket open to the public offering seating and a lush garden.
-Art Plaza: an open space available for art activations, murals and sculptures by local artists.
Unit Design
Each unit is designed around similar principles. Access to the units is provided through a side passage, and a private entry courtyard. All units are provided with sliding or folding doors to fully connect the interior spaces to the courtyards and take full advantage of the beautiful Southern California Climate throughout the year. All-electric kitchens, washer, and dryer are provided in every unit.
Sustainable Strategies
A modular system combining solar panels, a water collection tank and a filtration system is located on the roof of each unit.  The energy production can be increased by choosing the “Solar Wall” street activation option. 
Other than beautifying the complex and the neighborhood, the planting in and around the complex provides additional shade on the ground space and onto the units, further increasing the energy efficiency of the project. All units can be naturally ventilated thanks to the compact width of the modules and presence of operable windows.
The proposed construction system includes a concrete slab and foundation on top of which prefabricated components made of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) can be installed.  CLT panels provide excellent fire resistance, are Eco-friendly, and are easy to install thanks to their modular nature.
4 parking spots dedicated to the market rate units are available in the rear of the property and accessible through the alley. It is possible to double the amount of parking by choosing the Solar Wall & EV Charger front activation option. 

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