San Jose, California




The elevated structure will span over the river, connecting the two sides currently divided and offering panoramic views of the park, downtown San Jose, and the surrounding landscapes. The 100,000 SF  gallery space within the new structure can be flexibly adapted to a variety of scenarios, welcoming art installations, markets, retail uses, restaurants, or simply spaces for peaceful contemplation. On the ground, the park is activated with the addition of a new amphitheater and skatepark to the west, and a projection screen and renovated sports fields to the east. The elevated structure is further broken up by massive sky openings to allow the passage of light and air.


The structure of the elevated volume consists of a steel truss system to allow for large spans with minimal ground supports. As a homage to San Jose’s beautiful weather and landscapes, this structure is cladded with brass panels, recalling the warm colors of the hills and sun. The new ground level amenities will mostly be built out of earth-colored concrete to further emphasize the connection with the land.

The brass panels are perforated by a circuit board pattern to recall the history that relates Silicon Valley with advancements in computer technology. This pattern scales down the experience from monumental to tactile and intimate, allowing visitors to get lost in the hieroglyphic-like patterns while absorbing the surrounding views. 

Moreover, the perforations facilitate natural ventilation and softly filter light during the day and at night.


The new amenities at the park level are illuminated as needed by energy efficient LED light concealed within the circuit board pattern. Given the delicate biological conditions of the park, the lighting levels can be regulated depending on location and time of the day.


The 2.5 acres area available on the roof is suitable for the installation of a 1 MW solar farm, enough to satisfy the electrical needs of the entire project and give clean energy back to the city. The implementation of this strategy is a metaphor intended to celebrate the agricultural history of the region, now shifting from crops to energy harvesting.

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